Attuning to the “Occupy Wall Street” Movement

First I applaud your initial efforts but as you know the game is changing now.  The powers that be are starting to crack down.  It’s time to get serious.  Not only should you start marching on Washington in massive numbers,  here is my message to the leadership of the movement- it is time to come up with simple but concrete action.  Talk in their language….money.  Three strategies will get their attention.  1) For all those who have bank accounts with big banks: Bank of America, Citibank, Chase  and all the others that were bailed out, pull your  money out.  Pull your money out of their accounts and put it  in your local community banks and credit unions.  2) Stop using their credit cards, period.  In fact, cut them up.  3) If have invested in the stock market sell or move your stocks out of the big brokerage houses like Goldman Sacks, Merrill Lynch and the like.   I am certain they will no longer see your efforts as not having a unified message.  So spread this gospel to all that should hear it.  Beat the drum and make it your mantra.